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What is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is an accessible, convenient, quality treatment which is effective for a remarkable variety of ailments and circumstances. You will receive a customized treatment by a highly trained therapist and then relax for 30-45 minutes in a group setting. In fact, some symptoms are better relieved with acupuncture than any other modality. In a community setting, people can receive treatment at the ideal frequency for maximum efficacy.

Community Acupuncture
is only


Stop by anytime during our 
Community Clinic Hours
(no appointment required!)

Mon-Thurs 2pm-8pm
Fri & Sat 12pm-5pm
(last appointment starts 30 minutes before close)
(1st Tuesdays 2-6pm)

Community Acupuncture
can help those with:

Migranes and Headaches
Lyme Disease
Muscle Pain and Tightness
Digestive Issues
Fertility Issues
Sleeping Issues
Mental Functions and Clarity
Depression and Anxiety
Immunity Issues
Lack of Energy
Unexplainable Symptoms

Our Acupuncturists:

Jennifer Poulin MAc., L.Ac., LMT, ABT

Jennifer Poulin, founder of The Well, is both a licensed acupuncturist and licesned massage therapist.  She is excited and honored to fullfill her dream of being able to offer an affordable and accecible form of acupuncture to all who wish or need to find more ease in their world.  In addition to the community acupuncture setting, she now also offers an exclusive one-on-one acu/massage combo sessions.

Bobby Prokop, L.Ac., M.Ac. 

"Hi, I'm Robert Prokop.  I am a licensed acupuncturist and consulting hypnotist.  I've spent many years studying different forms of alternative healing and psychology, and acupuncture was my favorite one.  I like to use nature as my inspiration for th ework that I do because I love to be outdoors.  By working with individualas and not just symptoms, I empower patients to rethink their definition of healing.  I educate and treat patients to reconnect with their own true nature, and develop a mindset that can cultivate balance and health in themselves and - through a ripple effect - the lives of others."

Nicholas Tomaskovic-Devey, L.Ac

Nicholas is an acupuncturist and yoga teacher specializing in getting to the root cause of disease and "dis-ease".  Utilizing the medicinal nature of words and vibrational presence, his intention is to make the healing process as ease-full, enjoyable, and self-illuminating as possible.  Trained by Shamans and Energy Healers as well as some of the founders of Tai Sophia, Bob Duggan, and Dianne Connely, Nicholas utilizes the Acu-tonics tuning fork system as well as acupressure and hands on transformative energy work when appropriate.  He believes that your body is inherently wise and a unique manifestation of the movement of nature and that together we can partner for your optimal health, authenticity, and happiness.

Eliz Erman-Britton, L.Ac

Eliz Erman-Britton completed a five year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in British Columbia, Canada.  Her final semester was spent in China, taking classes and completing a hospital internship at the Chengdu University Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sichuan province.  

 Eliz has been in practice since 2010.  A portion of her career was invested in honing her skills at a family medicine practice in Georgia for five years. During that time, she was invited as a keynote speaker for the grand opening of the Confucius Institute at Georgia Regents University (GRU), and requested by the GRU Cancer Center to teach a four part lecture series on acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Her skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine are also supplemented by her gift of clairaudience.