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The Elements of Chinese Medicine

The Elements of Chinese Medicine

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Bobby Prokop

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  1. We Now Offer Nutritional Counseling!
    19 Jan, 2018
    We Now Offer Nutritional Counseling!
    We are very excited to now offer Nutritional Counseling services with Alexa Rothstein!  With a focus on whole foods and mindfulness, Alexa will guide you on your way to achieving optimal health.   Click here to read more about Alexa or schedule an appointment.
  2. Chronic Dehydration
    24 Jul, 2017
    Chronic Dehydration
    ​Chronic  Dehydration Now that summer in Baltimore is fully upon us, many people develop more active habits. Whether it is taking a trip, playing more sports, or simply being more social, it is easy to become unaware of how much water within the body is being used. I’m writing this post as a simple information guide about chronic dehydration and how it affects different systems in the body. First, let’s start with the basics. The human body is around 75% water. This indicates that every function
  3. The Metal Element
    26 Jun, 2017
    The Metal Element
    The Frequency of Autumn This is my fifth article discussing elements, and I just want to say that as a practitioner who studies and witnesses these elements in every facet of life, I find myself living by a certain degree of diligence around how I do things. I try to balance activities and daily routines by incorporating gifts of different elements. It almost feels like learning to speak a whole new language, and suddenly all these different frequencies around me make sense. Of course,
  4. The Earth Element
    14 Jun, 2017
    The Earth Element
    The Frequency of the Planet As summer begins to wind down and everything becomes hot and heavy, the earth element begins to show. In the five element cycle, it represents late summer when the flowers of the trees are now ripe fruits, and there is an abundance. It also brings with it a slow decline in activity and relaxation. From a more open interpretation, the Earth element is actually at the core of everything, showing up between seasons as the movement of life. The Earth is what holds
  5. The Fire Element
    31 May, 2017
    The Fire Element
    The Frequency of Summer Right now in the US we are experiencing the fire season of summer. For many, summer can be long and way too hot. Other people want it to last forever. Either way, though, summer is a time for joy and activity. From a logistical standpoint, our bodies don’t have to work as hard in summer. We don’t have to worry about using energy to keep warm, and the activity of the natural world calls us into it through outdoor activities, beach trips, and gardening. Vegetables are
  6. The Wood Element
    24 May, 2017
    The Wood Element
    The Frequency of Spring  I have talked before in my water post about each element in Chinese Medicine having a certain frequency. That frequency matches all of the emotions, movements of qi and cycles associated with that element in the body, as well as similar frequencies in nature. When acupuncturists diagnose an element, we are using observable phenomena to assess the color of a person’s complexion, the sound of their voice, their odor, and their emotions. All of these phenomena are a
  7. The Water Element
    19 May, 2017
    The Water Element
    The Water Element Each element in Chinese Medicine has gifts, movements, strengths, weaknesses, and is of the utmost importance for a balanced life. Without one element the whole system falls apart. For a general overview of what the elements are check out our previous blog post. Today, we are going to explolre the water element. Water in Nature What can we observe from water in nature? It freezes, it evaporates, it forms rivers and contains the majority of life on this planet. One thing about
  8. Nutrition in Chinese Medicine
    05 Apr, 2017
    Nutrition in Chinese Medicine
    What can Acupuncture Teach us About Nutrition? Nutrition & Society As an acupuncturist, I look at the whole person. Since we are what we eat, the whole person also includes diet. I often help patients tweak their diet in order to make shifts and improve symptoms. I love nutrition and utilize it a lot, but where Western nutrition differs from other traditions is that it doesn’t consider the energy of food and how it impacts the body. This is where I start to combine Western style diets with
  9. Chinese Medicine for Athletes
    29 Mar, 2017
    Chinese Medicine for Athletes
    Ancient Wisdom for Performance and Recovery After seeing many articles on Olympic athletes using cupping therapy, I figured I would write an article regarding how Chinese bodywork and acupuncture are used in the world of sports medicine. Let’s start with pain. What is pain exactly? It can be dull, achy, sharp, stabbing, moving, and much more. In this medicine system, pain is what occurs when qi and blood are no longer flowing smoothly through an area and they get stuck. That stagnation is what