Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture treatments are not painful. Although, everyone has a different pain threshold.  Acupuncture is performed with hair-thin needles that do not resemble the pain felt from a hypodermic needle. Patients often fall asleep and are in deep relaxation on the table. 
If you still feel anxious, we can help you breath or “cough” when needles are inserted.

Can Acupuncture help me and my condition?

Acupuncture can help and sometimes alleviate symptoms all together.  Unless you need immediate medial attention, no symptom is beyond our reach.  In fact, most of our clients turn to us when their health care providers are out of options. Our philosophy is to work with not against symptoms.  Acupuncture treatments can also reset the parasympathetic nervous system which is also the  “rest and digest” function, which helps the body recover and heal properly.