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All of our Acupuncturist hold a Master’s Degree In Acupuncture or higher.  

Jennifer Poulin LAc. LMT ABT


Jennifer Poulin hold a Masters in Acupuncture and has been practicing Chinese Medicine since she started studying Shiatsu in 2006. She encompasses compassion and dedication to all of her clients and strives to empower her patients to learn their bodies individually. Her past experience and knowledge of the musculoskeletal, facial, and acupuncutre energetic systems give her an edge for pain management.
She is in network with Carefirst and Aetna.

Daniel Kemp LAc. ABT


Daniel is a seasoned traveller, fordger and an amazing acupuncturist and bodyworker. His intuitive treatment style is reflected from his bond with nature and nature's wisdom. Daniel is a very dedicated and effective practitioner and is always on the edge of new ideas and techniques.

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